The Minecraft Diaries 9: I hate ravines

This is right near my house.

Today’s destination.

Screw ravines. Who needs them?

I don’t know if this actually counted as a ravine anyway. It was certainly a deep crevice. To one side as I dug into a wall (I was too chicken to just go straight down into it) there was a massive waterfall with a pretty large lava fall and lava pool below it. That was tricky to navigate.

I tunneled elsewhere, and miracle of miracles! I found my first diamonds!

A vein of five, which was pretty good. I was thrilled. I wanted more. So I googled it, and came across a description of branch mining: dig down so your eye level is at y = 12 (some say it should be y = 11). Dig a long tunnel, 20 blocks long (at least). Then, every four or five blocks (I go every three blocks), tunnel to either side for twenty blocks, and you’ll find at least five diamonds.

I guess I’d already found the diamonds for this area, but holy smokes, branch mining really works! Just about every tunnel had ore down it. I got tons of coal, plenty of iron (FINALLY), a whole bunch of lapis and even more redstone. Plus about 15 gold! Really good couple of days.

Then I tried to get back to the surface with my loot. I got to the tricky bit by the massive waterfall with the lava at the bottom, and something was wrong. A block had been added, or taken away – an Enderman? Probably just me. I couldn’t find my stairway up, and the sun was getting lower and lower. I dug at the dirt above me with a shovel. I was almost there, I just needed a clear spot so I could pillar up. I dug the wrong block, and suddenly I was inundated with water. I was swept downward. I was going to be washed into the lava with all my loot! Not only would I die, but all that stuff would be destroyed!

The view from my precarious perch.

The view from my precarious perch.

I managed to place a dirt block somewhere and then stand on it. No idea what to do next to get out of there. Placing dirt blocks to try to divert or block the water flow only sent it towards me again. I was afraid to dig anymore, but I had to get out of there. I tried to see where the main waterfall was and dug sideways from there, to get away from the lip of the chasm, then I stairwayed up. I emerged literally just outside the walls of my little hut, as the sun was going down.


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