The Minecraft Diaries 7: Home sweet home

My home in the mountains.

My home in the mountains.

Once at home, I started the clay cooking with a bunch of coal – it was so luxurious not to have to be careful with it – and I began plans to expand my house. I’ve had to make a double-wide chest to hold all my stuff, as well as two furnaces, and the house is starting to feel cramped.

I was disappointed that my wheat and mushroom farms hadn’t done a thing since I’d been gone, until I remembered that they don’t grow unless there’s a person nearby. I wasn’t low on food, anyway. Once your wheat starts to grow, you have way more than you can use.

In the meantime, I delighted in the comfortable routines of home. I tended my wheat farm, bred more sheep, made brick blocks and glass and dreamed of building a railroad to those ore-filled mountains.

My living/bedroom. Bears a strong resemblance to my real apartment.

My living/bedroom. The skeleton had concealed himself just behind the chests.

I improved my mushroom farm, making it darker so it would produce more mushrooms. This worked, but at the same time I noticed that there were a lot more hostile mobs around than before. Two creepers in a row completely destroyed my wheat farm. First a skeleton and then a zombie attacked me inside my house. It was a little weird how invasive that felt. I can still see that skeleton aiming his bow at me in my own living room.

When a creeper – again, inside the house – blew up the staircase I had literally just finished building, along with some brick and stone brick blocks that took a lot of work to make, I was through. It had to be the mushroom farm. It was too dark down there. It was spawning mobs, and they were inside the house, and they were giving me PTSD that affected me even when I went to the bathroom in real life (why is my apartment so dark? And why don’t I have a torch to throw up on the wall there?). It wasn’t even growing that many mushrooms. I went down there and put up some torches, and cleared the cobblestone blocks I had hanging above to help block the light. Now I just had a big empty room with a dirt floor, but it took care of the problem. No more indoor mobs.

Western view from the sun room.

Western view from the sun room.

I gathered tons more wood to expand the roof and enlarge the main room. I replaced the walls with brick. I made a stone-flagged sun room that’s all windows on two sides, to view the sunset, the southern view, and the wheat farm, and put a patio above it, just beneath the tower. When I finally finished it, it looked really great. I wish my real life were this satisfying.

I coaxed one black and one brown sheep into a pen, and bred them. A black lamb resulted. Black wool is great, but I wanted more brown. Now I was researching the breeding of sheep in Minecraft and wondering if this means I’m a loser, or that I’m no more of a loser than anyone else with a pointless hobby. I mean, tons of people follow sports. What’s the point of that?

I was afraid to use the iron I gathered for anything, it was so hard to get. I went back to using stone tools. I was dying to set up an enchanting table – for which you need diamonds, but then you can enchant tools, weapons, and armor – and make some diamond armor so I don’t have to be so afraid of exploring caves, but of course the irony is that I have to explore caves in order to find diamond. I’ll get there. I have to earn it. If I hadn’t watched all those LPs, I would never have gotten as far as I have.

View of the house with tower and sunroom to the left, there. Looks great in the rain.

View of the house with tower and sunroom to the left, there. Looks great in the rain.

What do I have? A kickass house with a tower and a basement. A wheat farm. A sheep farm. More slimeballs than anyone could ever use (the swamp biome keeps spawning slimes, and in Easy they’re a breeze to defeat). Lots of coal. A bunch of pumpkins I don’t really need.

And itchy feet. Now I’m looking in the other directions, and wondering what they have to offer. Seems like every biome has a few resources and a few challenges to balance them. I’m still glad I spawned in a forest/snow biome – the game calls it taiga, a term I remember loving in school – but I need ores. I need to find a ravine. I only saw the one in the jungle while I was traveling. I’d also like to find a village.

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