The Minecraft Diaries 5: A new home



I finally made it to the interesting hills, and chose one for my new home. It was close to the water and looked like it might have a nice sunset view. It was right next to the spruce forest, but no longer a snow biome, so I could start a farm easily. There were lots of pigs and sheep around, and a small swamp biome nearby as well, so maybe a good base in general. I flattened the hilltop and blocked out a foundation. Yay!

It took several days to get the house blocked out with dirt and then built with real material. I made your basic beginner Minecraft bunker, the one everyone makes at first, big enough for my bed and a crafting table, a chest, and a furnace. I made the roof out of spruce wood steps, having seen that tip somewhere on YouTube, and it looked nice.

I looked up some tutorials online and started a wheat farm in a little space below the house, then used some of the wheat to domesticate sheep. I fenced them in and started to breed them. Breeding animals is absurdly cute in Minecraft. You feed two of them, and red hearts begin to flow upwards out of their bodies. When two are in this – ahem – condition, they sort of bump together a few times, and a baby version of the animal appears by magic. The baby animals are adorable.

And the view of the sunset from my new home is amazing.


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