The Minecraft Diaries 3: The real thing

Go get 'em, taiga! (Sorry.)

Just smell that air!

I started another new world for my new Survival mode game, not wanting to cheat by having all that stuff already built, and not wanting to return to the pathetic world where I’d died three times in the first two days. I did choose Easy, though, figuring I’d work my way up to Normal in time.

I liked this world immediately. I spawned in a snowy spruce forest with highly vertical and interesting-looking hills nearby.  Having rehearsed beforehand, I immediately marked my spawn spot by digging out dirt blocks in an X pattern around it, then ran to a tree and started punching.

Once I had some wood, I made a crafting table and some basic wooden tools, punched a few more trees, had time to notice the complete lack of surface ore in my immediate area, and dug out a small hole in the side of a hill. Then I waited for darkness to fall.

It didn’t take long. I was not at all prepared for hostile mobs, so I blocked up the entrance to my hole with dirt, and was plunged immediately into darkness. I’d forgotten about torches! Within two seconds I was lost, with no idea where the entrance to my little cave was, thus no way to get out or even check if it was still night. Damn it. I had wood, but no coal at all to make torches with.

Luckily, I remembered that you could make charcoal from wood and burn that like coal, so I found my crafting bench, made a furnace out of the cobblestone in my inventory, and stuck some spruce blocks into it. That created a little light, so at least I could see my hole and remember which way I’d come in. By burning more spruce, I created charcoal, made four torches, and triumphantly set one in the wall. I was as proud of that as any achievement I will ever make in Minecraft, I think. I made it through my first day and night without dying!

Dramatic re-creation.

Dramatic re-enactment.

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