The Minecraft Diaries 16: Another Minecraft mistake

Oh my god. Which way??

Oh my god. Which way??

I was caving near the desert village. Yes, in Peaceful mode. It’s hard enough to cave, what with all the getting lost, without running into creepers as well.

My inventory was full and I was ready to head home when I realized I was indeed badly lost. I’d been so careful to place torches on the righthand walls, so I should’ve been able to backtrack by keeping the torches on my left, but it didn’t work. 

I must’ve fallen through a hole at some point and forgotten, and now I couldn’t find the hole. (That’s what he said…? Sorry, watching too many Let’s Plays from last year.)

I was starting to get desperate. I had five torches left. In Peaceful mode you don’t have to worry about starving, but you can still die. And I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life wandering around this massive cave.

So I started to drill my way up, making a staircase through the rock once I’d climbed to the highest part of the cave I could get to. I’ve had to do that before.

Then my pick broke. No problem. I went to put a new one in the empty slot on the hot bar.

No more picks.

How could I have miscalculated like that? I should’ve turned back sooner, when I still had a spare pick. Of course I didn’t have any wood with me to craft a bench and make a new one – I’d used it all to make torches. And there was no abandoned mineshaft to steal wood from.

I was buried underground.

I got up and walked away from the computer for a little while. It was one of those.

Then I got excited about the challenge. I could’ve switched to Creative and gotten a new pick, but even I’m not going to cheat that badly. I tried punching the rock and discovered that, though it takes a long time, you can break stone blocks that way. I’d forgotten.

So I continued my stairway, climbing very slowly towards the surface and hoping I wasn’t under one of those tall hills. I had no idea where I was. (Apparently I will never learn to use coordinates.) I would place a couple of torches, drill slowly upward, place another and then go back and get the first one, then keep drilling. No problem. Soon enough, I hit dirt.

And broke through to water. I was carried back down the stairway a good long way, but I kept my head and soon found a niche to duck into. I managed to plug up the stairwell and stop the water, but those three torches were gone forever.

Now I had two torches, no pick, and I might be under a large body of water. Very exciting!

I didn’t think it was an ocean, though, since there was no sand. I changed my approach and started to go straight up. You should never break blocks directly above your head, of course, since you don’t know what’s up there; gravel or sand can fall on you and hurt or kill you, and there might be lava. If I died, I would never find my way back in time to collect my stuff. So I broke the block above the one next to me, then switched places and broke the one above where I had been standing. When it got too tall for me to reach, I pillared up.

The monument where I emerged, featuring my last two torches.

The monument where I emerged, featuring my last two torches.

It took a long time, but I finally broke through at the foot of a tall hill (lucky I didn’t have to dig all the way through it) beside a small lake. Once I pillared up and looked around, I could see I wasn’t too far from the desert village.

It’s such a great feeling, to solve a problem like that! I wish it were that easy in the other parts of my life.

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