The Minecraft Diaries 15: Farmer’s life

From my bedroom window in the desert house, overlooking the village.

From my bedroom window in the desert house, overlooking the village.

My desert house now has three stories and a little pumpkin and melon garden next to it. I lured some cows out of the jungle and successfully penned them, then bred them. Hurray! All the leather and beef I could want. I did the same with a couple of pigs once I figured out that the villagers were growing carrots as well as potatoes and wheat, and that they like it when I harvest and re-till their farms. I thought the only way to get potatoes and carrots was a rare drop from a zombie. I’m glad to know there’s a more peaceful option.

I finally got enough eggs to make chickens and start breeding them as well. Now all I needed was sheep, and there were no sheep near the village. I had passed a bunch on my way there, though, in that nice area where I’d almost stopped, so one day I went out there with some wheat and lured a couple back with me. I bred them as we traveled but lost one of the parents because he kept wandering off and staring in the wrong direction, so I ended up with just the mother and baby. I don’t know why I think the one that wouldn’t come with us was the male. Mobs are sexually neutral clones; you breed cows to each other to get baby cows.

Now my life was turning into the farmer’s life: harvest the crops in the village, breed and slaughter the animals, shear the sheep. I needed a little action. I went for a walk one day east of the village, over some extensive plains, and came upon – another village!

This was the medieval style village, rather than desert style like the other one, and it was a bit smaller and not in very good repair. The citizens seem very depressed. There was a cave entrance in the middle of the village that I had to block up right away.

Beyond the village is a beach and what looks like extensive ocean. I might go exploring there one day. In the meantime, I’ve built a road between the two villages.

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