The Minecraft Diaries 14: Scary mining

Trying to control the mineshaft with dirt blocks; creeper got me anyway.

Trying to control the mineshaft with dirt blocks; creeper got me anyway.

There are lots of resources around the desert village. I went caving in one of the many open caves nearby, and it was huge. Lots of iron and coal, and a little gold.

And a lot of mobs. Ugh. The cave was so extensive, I couldn’t control the space, and I encountered so many mobs my PTSD starting acting up – skeletons shooting at me from the darkness, creepers blowing up right next to me – so I just blocked up my entrances and got the hell out of there.

I just want to do branch mining and keep the hostile mobs to a minimum, at least for now.

I was doing that under the big sand mountains on the other side of the village, and broke into an abandoned mineshaft as I approached the magic diamond layer (y=12). This is a good thing, but again…. Hostile mobs abound.

I finally just set the game mode to Peaceful so I could explore without being attacked. Yes, it’s “cheating,” and I don’t care that much. I play this game to relax and have fun, not get the crap scared out of me.

The mineshaft was enormous and extremely confusing to navigate. I found some chests, and got some melon and pumpkin seeds. I also got a ton of string from all the cobwebs. I found the area where whoever supposedly built the mineshaft – the ancestors of the testificates? – had been drilling down, and I descended to layer 12 and did some branch mining at last. I got tons of iron and coal, a good amount of diamond, some gold, and even a few emeralds as well as a small amount of lapis. I do like lapis, I don’t care that it’s useless.

Then I got seriously lost trying to shift my stuff into different chests, in stages, back to the surface. This mine is enormous and extremely confusing, have I mentioned that? At one point I was good and lost for at least five solid minutes, and once I found my way back to familiar territory I decided it was time to quit, at least until I could think of a better way to mark my path (colored wool?).

Still don’t really know what to do with all my loot, except for the iron and coal. I have one diamond pick but I never use it. I feel like I should have a ton of diamonds before I use any of it. I suppose diamond armor is the most useful thing I could do with the diamonds.

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