The Minecraft Diaries 12: Minecraft mistake

Stand back.

Stand back.

I went back to the former mushroom room and dug a stairway down to diamond level. I do love me some branch mining. Down one branch, I got the sound that means “massive cave nearby” and I could hear zombies and spiders on the other side of the wall. I just stuck a torch there and dug in another part of the mine. I’m not ready for that.

I managed to find a few diamonds, which I should have taken right upstairs since I don’t have that many, but I got greedy and kept going.

And tunneled right into lava. Which spilled on me. I had a bucket of water with me, but not on my hot bar, so I’m trying to go into my inventory and move it while that horrible “you’re burning alive” sound is happening and in real life I’m going “Oh! Oh!

Once I had the bucket of water on my hot bar, I promptly threw it by accidentally pressing q.

Which did not help at all.

I died. And all those diamonds burned up.

It’s times like this that you wonder what it’s all for.

Anyway, lesson learned: when you’re digging through rock… stand back a little. Don’t be pressing your face against the wall you’re breaking.

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