The Minecraft Diaries 11: Plans

Mountainview home in the snow.

Mountainview home in the snow.

I had a dream one night that I tried to light a cigarette with a creeper. Needless to say, it kept blowing up in my face.

I’ve had several Minecraft dreams, usually just moving through tunnels, or the real world is converted to blocks. How about you?

Before I go off traveling, there are a few projects I’d really like to get done:

  • I want to go back to the Desert Temple and dig it out of the sand, set it up as a nice area, and maybe do some mining below it. I could use all that sand to build a little outpost there, too.
  • I’d like to build a kind of alpine A-frame house over my spawn home. I’d also like to think of a better name for it than “Spawn Home.” In front, I’d like to build a little garden and a proper monument for my spawn point.
  • I also want to build some roads to areas I visit frequently, so I can get there faster.
  • Maybe a swamp house of my own?
  • A little structure for my farm concerns, maybe a small wheat farm just for breeding purposes.
  • I’d love to figure out how to lure a couple of cows back from the jungle, but it’s a really long way. I’d probably have to set up several pens between Mountain View and the jungle. Why are there no cows any closer than that?
  • Last but not least, I want to finish blocking out the Mountain View house and build some rooms inside the base, rooms that make sense rather than the mess that’s there now. Maybe do some branch mining down below.

So much to do!

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