On the word “douchebag”

Tucker MaxPeople have been calling for the retirement of this word for well over a year now, to no avail. I love it because it’s fun to say and reminds me of my East Coast childhood, when we used it all the time (without having any idea what it really meant). Plus, it fills the gap nicely between “slightly annoying guy” and “total asshole”.

However, I’ve read various comments around the internet about how the term douchebag is sexist, because it’s used to degrade a man by referring to him as an object used only by women.

As Dan Savage pointed out in a recent podcast (number 154), anyone interested in receiving anal penetration with a minimum of santorum uses them for enemas, though I suppose in that case the term would be enema bag. Not a bad pejorative in itself, now that I think of it, being non-gendered and associated with unwanted poo. It’s not as satisfying to say, though.

But my argument is different. I haven’t seen anyone else point this out, so I will gallantly step up:

The vagina is self-cleaning and self-regulating. Douching is not only unnecessary to the health of the vagina, it can in fact throw off its natural floral balance, and also interferes with the vagina’s ability to keep its delicate tissue moist and happy. Douching is also completely ineffective in the prevention of pregnancy and disease, two other bullshit reasons women used to be told we need to douche.

Thus, a douchebag is a guy who is unnecessary, useless, and possibly harmful to women. Therefore it’s quite appropriate to say, for example, that Tucker Max is a douchebag.

2 Responses to “On the word “douchebag””

  1. absurdbeats Says:

    Wait, how is this sexist—and to whom? Not nice to call a man a womanish thing? Not nice to think being womanish is bad?

    I’m with you: the term throws me back, and I like how belittling it is, as in, you’re not a serious enough person to deserve the term asshole. This use is particularly sweet because it’s so often ascribed to men who think of themselves as Real Men.

    Douchebag. Heh.

  2. JazzRain Says:

    Haha, Tucker Max is definitely a douchebag 😀

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