More LOLcats

I’ve been thinking about why pictures of cats with funny captions is funnier than pictures of dogs with funny captions. Could be just my opinion as a cat-lover, but there’s a reason why was about cats before it included dogs. And why there’s a and My Cat Hates You (home of Bad Cat, much funnier than Bad Dog or Bad Baby), and lots of others.

I think it has to do with feline dignity. They are small animals, but they have a big sense of themselves. Dogs are pack animals, used to submitting. Cats are more self-reliant. That makes some people hate them, but it’s one of the things I love most about them. And that self-reliance, and the accident of a face that, to us, looks dignified and aloof (or smug and snobbish, depending on who you are) makes for better comedy.







I’m not ready to quit, either.

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  1. absurdbeats Says:

    Brokeback reference?

    Anyway, Fat Cat fell over herself today trying to clean her back. She just gave this look like, What? That wasn’t me. . . .

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